VIP DB (a viral protein domain usage and distribution database.) Release!

VIP DB (a VIral Protein domain usage and distribution DataBase) is a database which associate virus protein domains with their putative biological functions and interacting partners.

Although many viruses have been fully sequenced, many virus proteins are still functionally unexplored. Here, we analyzed the domain distribution in viruses and construct a database which includes all domain distribution information. Users can investigate the domain distribution in viruses or get clues about possible biological roles for virus proteins based on those domain information.

A total of 2,322 unique domains that were identified from 2,404 viruses are used as a starting point to correlate GO classification, KEGG metabolic pathway annotation and domain-domain interactions. Of the unique domains, 42.7% have GO records, 39.6% have at least one domain-domain interaction record and 26.3% can also be found in either mammals or plants.

VIP DB was published in the 2012 Genomics.
Please cite "Ting-Wen Chen, Richie Ruei-Chi Gan, Timothy H. Wu, Wen-Chang Lin, Petrus Tang (2012) VIP DB — A viral protein domain usage and distribution database. Genomics. 100(3):149-56." if you used VIPDB for your publication.