DSAP (deep-sequencing small RNA analysis pipeline) Release!


DSAP is a web server designed to provide a total solution to analyze small RNAs sequencing data generated by SOLEXA. The functions of DSAP suite include adaptor removal, clustering of tags, classification of non-coding small RNAs and miRNAs basis on sequencing homology search against the Rfam and miRBase databases respectively.

DSAP also provide comparative miRNA expression profile analysis for up to 5 datasets. These functions all together can provide a global and comprehensive view on the expression profiles of miRNAs with sequence homology to known miRNAs in any organisms even without an available reference genome. Furthermore, DSAP's processing rate is extremely fast, it takes only 15 minutes to finish a single job of two million sequence tags.

DSAP was published in the 2010 Nucleic Acids Research Web Server Issuue.Please cite
"Huang PJ, Liu YC, Lee CC, Lin WC, Gan RRC ,Lyu PC*, Tang P* (2010) DSAP: Deep-Sequencing Small RNA Analysis Pipeline. Nucleic Acids Res. (doi:10.1093)" if you used DSAP for your publication.